Congratulations to Alexandra here at Lick, and also to Lick in general, for winning the Open To Export award.

Alexandra had to fill in a huge application form which literally took her all day… and then do a presentation. Her slides looked great because we all team worked it. She delivered her presentation with panache and accepted the award graciously. You can read a different style of review here.

What was the award for, though?… I hear you ask. It was for our ‘export plan’. For those of you who literally don’t know what that means, it means we had to talk about how we’re going achieve ‘success’ abroad. In this case, it was the Middle East and South East Asia. The panel agreed with everything Alexandra said and thought Lick was worthy of some help. They gave us some money, which we’ll save.

Thanks to Open To Export for having us along, and for the prize. We’re massively appreciative and thanks thanks thanks. WE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN.

Nice one Ali you nailed it :)

Lick. x

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