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Frozen Yogurt
Soft Serve

Frozen Yogurt
> Ambient liquid frozen yogurt mix
> No freezing, defrosting or mixing needed
> 12 month shelf life
> Store at room temperature
> 100% fat-free, gluten free, GMO free
> Halal accredited
> Creamy, delicious and healthy
> all natural and low calorie
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We’re exporting Lick all over the world, request a sample and information here.
YES an ambient mix with a 12 month shelf life is finally available.

Lick’s soft serve fro-yo mix is as easy to use as soft serve ice-cream, but more healthy, twice as delicious, and offers an even better margin.
How do i use it?
Unscrew the cap
Pour into the machine
Serve with toppings
No freezing, defrosting or mixing needed.

> Easy to use
> Infinite flavour possibilities
> Add value with toppings
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> Better margins than soft serve ice cream
> Infinite flavour options
> Add value with toppings
> For use in all ice-cream machines
> Years of expertise on offer
Highest possible yogurt content means the creamiest texture and most yogurt taste of any froyo.

For use in all ice-cream machines
100% fat-free, Low in calories, Creamy and delicious
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