Wall of Fame

All of these people won a prize for uploading a photo of terrific quality. Fancy yourself as a Photo-Wall of Fame photographer? If we put your photo on here you’ll be rewarded. Different prizes every month, all¬†outrageously sought-after.

Photo Wall of Fame

All of these people won a prize for uploading a photo of terrific quality. Fancy yourself as a Photo-Wall of Fame photographer? If we put your photo on here you’ll be rewarded. Different prizes every month, all¬†outrageously sought-after.

  • September, 2016

    Everly, Head of Logistics
    Whenever we get a new member of staff we post about them on Facebook and our site. It's a silly tradition we have but people seem to like it. Anyways, meet Everly - Head of Logistics. Lick. x
  • August 2016

    Unknown Epic
    We have a couple of friends who run an adventure holiday business. We told them about photo of the month and how people send in holiday pics. Within 3 days we received this... them on top of the Pyrenees in Lick hats. They belong in their jobs. WINNER. Lick. x
  • July 2016

    Johnny from Slim Gyms
    Johnny had us all over to his gym and taught us about getting buff. We had to get an XL jumper made for him because his pecks and back are so ripped. Here he is on his wing machine (he's learning how to fly like a bat)... we thought we'd make it photo of the month. Check out his gym here: http://slim-gyms.com/ - he's the best personal trainer in Brighton.
  • June 2016

    Lucinda Ball
    Lucinda sent us this via Twitter, saying "just the job for my desert whilst recovering from a broken back and cancer in @LondnBridgeHosp #yummy". Nothing else to say really. WINNER. Lick. x
  • May 2016

    pink jumper, brown hat
    Umm, yeah mate. As if Creamy Jack (mascot) is pointing the wrong way! I don't know what you're pointing at... a shop that sells exclusively pink jumpers and brown hats? You don't need to go there. Go the other way, where the froyo's at. Anyway it's a good photo, so WINNER. Lick. x
  • April 2016

    Iris wondered into the Lick Warehouse the other day and found our book. We made it to show people in meetings to make them smile. When Iris was reading it, it almost felt like she preferred it to anything else she'd ever read including Harry Potter. That's how good our book is. We're giving her presents because she's a WINNER. Lick. x
  • March 2016

    You know how everyone puts a GoPro on their helmets when they go skiing these days? Not Pippa. She glues a 125ml Lick Straight Up tub to her helmet and becomes talk of the resort for A) knowing her stuff about food, and B) looking really cool. Well done. WINNER. Lick. x
  • February 2016

    As soon as a spoon full of Banana & Honey Lick hits your stomach, it reacts positively with your body and releases an ultra natural super enzyme which is awesome for hair growth. This tiny bald old man sent us a photo of himself, just 2 minutes after eating. Incr-edible. Lick. x
  • January 2016

    This place, somewhere in Texas, has thought of a brilliant idea. They've ADDED to natures magnificent view by putting a comedy fake woman's bottom half there. Daisy, in a Lick t-shirt, just has to stand there. Winner. Lick. x
  • December 2015

    Canadian Family
    Let's face it, we sell hats. We started with froyo, then the hats went crazy and now everyone's like 'send me a hat'. Here's a family in Canada, for crying out loud. Lick. x
  • November 2015

    Sam & Bird
    Oh gentle bird atop a yogurt, pecking up her lunch at will, 'banana and honey today' she chuckles, and shovels more Lick inside her bill. WINNER. Lick. x
  • October 2015

    Magic Mary
    Mary's eyes are full of magic crystals. Totally legit. That's why this Lick tubs is all spooky and stuff... she's staring at it and it's started to go all HaLlOwEeN. Awesome photo, winner, thanks, more please. Lick. x
  • September 2015

    Apple Cat
    Yeah, you can eat Lick at any time - before or after lunch, as a snack, for breakfast... but this furry lady likes it straight after she's finished an apple. And, why not. Lick. x
  • August 2015

    Aimee and Lol
    It's been a weird summer and sunny days are rare. You feel down and that's fine, but here's an idea, invite your mate 'LOL' out for the afternoon and win photo of the month. WiNnEr! Lick. x
  • July 2015

    This guys mum married a hoover and hence why this guy is half hoover. And, yes, specifically the Hoover brand. Here he is, sucking Straight Up Lick into his paper stomach. Excellent stuff. Winner. Lick. x
  • June 2015

    Cow PJ man
    This man is only 8 inches tall but his cow pyjamas give him that confidence he needs to live a normal life. Here he is with with a 1ml Lick tub and a pin. Great attitude, this guy, and fantastic at darts (apparently). WINNER. Lick. x
  • May 2015

    No comment needed. Lick. x
  • April 2015

    Yes OK, this is Thomas from Lick - but this is definitely the photo of the month. This isn't how we recommend you eat a Lick froyo, but if you have a beard which needs cleaning then if you cover it in yogurt first it means the beard will be cleaner after shampooing than it would have been if no yogurt was in it previously. Get us? Lick. x
  • March 2015

    I haven't got time to eat AND pump, so i'm gonna squeeze this tub of Lick with my beautiful huge muscles so it pops open and goes into my mouth like Popeye's spinach. PUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT. Winner, obvzzz. Lick. x
  • February 2015

    The Kidz
    These cute sisters are known to the police for a string of carjacking offences in 2013. Good drivers, apparently. We're not sure if the vehicle they used to go to Waitrose with was stolen, but we're grateful for their custom either way. Lick. x
  • January 2015

    Cutting up a carve, slicing the powder, blasting it down a black run aaaaaaalllllll day long. No, we don't know much about skiing, but we make jumpers you can wear WHILST skiing. Like Lauren did. WINNER. Lick. x
  • December 2014

    This guy's from Brighton. Seen him around. Lick. x
  • November 2014

    Back-bend girl
    We were at the yoga festival and a flexible girl came to our shop and did this. It HAS to win photo of the month. She was like, whatever. Lick. x
  • October 2014

    Jones the hilarious kitten
    hahahahahahaha ah aha ah ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah - silly cat! LOL. It's as simple as that. WINNER.
  • September 2014

    Peter in a Lick hat
    We thought about doing a caption competition with this one, asking 'What is Peter thinking?'. But, any answer would be right. That's the thing about this photo. It's everything. Winner. Lick. x
  • August 2014

    This kid's on 4k an hour, and gets free stuff sent to her all the time. But we got her for a packet of rusks and some warm milk, because we mailed her direct and didn't go through the agent.
  • July 2014

    Simple, really - but effective. If you've got a decent quality gorilla mask, or something similar, stack some Lick tubs on it and you've won. You're a winner. You've done it! Lick. x
  • June 2014

    Two different styles of eating Lick here. At the front we have a young lady, confident and experienced, who laser beams it into her eyes, digests it in her brain, and sends the energy to Mars. Behind her is Sophie, her mate.
  • May 2014

    This is literally how Caroline eats Lick. She doesn't use her hands. Really, REALLY weird. WINNER. Lick. x
  • April 2014

    Alfie & Myrtle
    The street value of a Lick tub may well be over £100, but sending kids from Rosendale in to Sainsbury's to steal it for you is just immoral. This image was taken off the security cam though, which is cool. Lick. x
  • March 2014

    One of our organic cotton tote bags, hanging off the shoulder of a healthy looking young woman in Nicaragua. It's nearly summer, we'll all be running about in the sun with a stick over our head soon enough. Stay strong. Lick. x
  • February 2014

    Look at all those creeps behind Lyndsey. All she's trying to do is eat a Lick tub with her tongue alone. GET OFF HER. Anyway, loads of Lick heading her way. WINNNN! Lick. x
  • January 2014

    Hilariously cursed with tiny little mouths, guinea pigs are a cute and funny accompaniment to anything. Therefore, WINNER. A load of fro-yo is heading your way. Lick. x
  • December 2013

    Professor Spoonydigits
    Kidnapped and used as a guinea pig in the infamous spoon/human DNA swap experiments 2005, Professor Spoonydigits emerged from the episode emotionally wrecked but with cool spoon fingers. Mind blowing. WINNER. Lick. x
  • November 2013

    FACT: It's possible that's it's likely that eating Lick at University may help you possibly achieve 100% in all modules. George not only gets a first with honours, but a load of free Lick for her and her mates. WINNER. Lick. x
  • October 2013

    James & his chicks
    Come on, fair's fair. James put three cute as hell chicks INSIDE A LICK TUB and sent us this photo. Take note: this is how you win. Lick. x
  • September 2013

    Cara & Mish
    Cara: Let's go get a Lick? Mish: What's the weather like? Cara: Who cares. Mish: I love you. Cara: I Love you too.
  • August 2013

    Polly (A Dog)
    I didn't know a dog could project as much emotion as a human can in a single photo. But, look... pure indulgence. This guy licked the tub so clean we could use it again! (Joke). Lick. x
  • July 2013

    Eleanor Drury
    She's smashed her nose TO BITS. The tears, the pain, the horror... yet, when someone placed a Lick into her hands - pure joy. She won a years supply of music. Lick. x
  • June 2013

    YES! Stick a tub on your head... ALWAYS. When we started Lick we'd usually end up with a tub on our head at some point during the day. All the best ones do it. YES! Get it on there! This person wins loads of stuff. Lick. x
  • May 2013

    Mai Osuga
    I remember looking at this for about 7 minutes non-stop when we first saw it. So much going on, and it's all perfect. Mai got a bunch of free stuff for this, then she made a film for us and some other stuff. Thanks Mai! Lick. x
  • April 2013

    Hat & Glasses
    It's the hat. And the glasses. And the smile. And the face in general. Who is this guy? Find him. Lick. x
  • March 2013

    Moustache Guy
    Ky tried to grow a mustache once, it was hilarious. He hasn't tried again. This guy, on the other hand, probably tried to not have a mustache once and everyone was talkling about it. Lick. x
  • February 2013

    It's like something from Vogue, right? Molly and her sister Rosie work in the shop sometimes. Exceptional staff. Lick. x
  • January 2013

    Holly Marks
    Holly sent in the very first Lick T-shirt photo-wall entry. Here she is... all tucked in, hand on her hip, hair all nice. Very presentable. This is how all Lick T-shirts should be modeled. Lick. x
  • December 2012

    Really Happy Kid
    Parents - take note. This is how to make a child happy. Incredibly comfy chair, a blanket over the knees, and a Lick fro-yo. Can she smile any more? Lick. x
  • November 2012

    Rosie used to take her Lick tubs home, wash them out then put them on a shelf in her bedroom. She told us this after we gave her a job at the shop. Note to self: Make sure Rosie isn't stealing the cleans ones for her collection. Lick. x
  • October 2012

    Dog & Sticker
    Just a simple dog selfie (timer) - showing off his new Lick sticker. And, look, he's accidentally stepped in his own bowl! Lick. x
  • September 2012

    Nice to have someone getting their fish eye lens out for a Lick shot. It isn't often you'll only get the lower half of someone in a photo, especially a Photo of the Month winner... but there you go. Nice photo, eh? Lick. x
  • August 2012

    Feet Up (in the air)
    Do you know we were the first shop to have deckchairs in the North Laines? Now they're all over the place. This photo is a really nice example of people using them. Lick. x
  • July 2012

    David Blaine
    Look, if you're going to be a magician or something, follow this guys tips. Look smart (collar done up, over a nice jumper), side parting, clean face, thumbs up. Lick. x
  • June 2012

    Female Band
    These two played in our shop for a session then uploaded this cracker. You can tell they're bezzies, can't you. They were like "let's go to the beach". Really fun day. Lick. x
  • May 2012

    I don't know who this person is, but I bet she's doing OK. Lick. x
  • April 2012

    People in Dalston try to nail this look when someone gets their camera out. Thella (cool name) does is naturally. Holding a Lick tub helps, of course. Lick. x
  • March 2012

    Charlotte Church
    Here we are with Charlotte Church. She played some songs in our shop. She was like "let's have a photo, let's have a photo". Lick. x
  • January 2012

    Joanna & Sophie
    Best friends, nothing to worry about, having a right laugh. When they get to their early twenties they'll look more serious and have stuff to do, but in the moment captured here it's all perfect. Winner. Lick. x
  • February 2012

    You know what I love? People who are creative with the bottom right and left hand corners of their photos. Aside from this, I like the P.O.V and the guy's facial expression. Hence, photo of the month. Lick. x
  • December 2011

    Patty thought these spoons would work the same as "weak glasses" and then she tried to "zoom in" on her frozen yogurt. Photo of the month. Lick. x
  • November 2011

    So many people point at this photo as they walk past our shop. We've known Scott since Frightened Rabbit were tiny, but now they're massive so we got him in to play us some songs. He said it's the most important thing he's ever done. Lick. x
  • October 2011

    This is the drummer from a band Called Odonis Odonis who played a gig in our basement. Here he is after 2 days of travelling and not sleeping. Once he noticed the Lick on his head he ate it then felt fine. Lick. x
  • September 2011

    This guy is eating Lick the way it's supposed to be eaten - with a contented expression, lots on the spoon, in a vest, Lick sticker stuck. Lick. x
  • August 2011

    Brown eyes & hair person
    She makes a small look like a large. Imagine what a large would look like. It'd look like a well designed bucket. Lick. x
  • July 2011

    This guy's a model now - I saw his face in massive at a tube station in London. No wonder he won photo of the month. Lick. x