Victoria Homewood

This months Artist in residence is the lovely Victoria Homewood. She is a Brighton based painter, who is all about the making.

Victoria has previously performed with the improvised music collective Leopard Leg at the mega Frieze Art Fair, and Whitechapple Gallery London, as well as exhibited at our neighbours the Sussex arts club, to name a few.

We’ve been chatting to her about her work and she had this to say:

“Painting is fundamental to my practice as an artist. I use painting as a visual shorthand to communicate things that I cannot quite articulate with words, because of this I have developed a semi-intuitive process of execution as I find that what emerges speaks volumes on its own terms which is vital.
Colours are important also, as they move me internally and influence the patterns, rhythm, and compositional space throughout every piece, where a tranquillity appears to rest on the surface, but a perverse unknown violence lays hidden between the layers.

While at Lick this November she will be getting messy with paint, with a view to produce large scale abstracts on wooden boards.
As always pop by and see what’s happening, you can arrange a time by emailing us at 

Victoria’s next exhibition will be at the Train of thought Emporium in Worthing, West Sussex with Karen Constance and Iain Paxton.
In the mean time though, why not take a look at her page S-T-I-T-C-H on facebook and give it a like!