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The story of Lick – how two school friends went from a pocket-money making scheme, to running a beach, opening a shop, and finally launching the retail frozen yogurt tub you’re familiar with today.

Although Lick officially began life as a frozen yogurt shop in 1998 (the first in the UK), the partnership of founders Ky Wright and Owain Williams began in 1998 when they started selling their home-made frozen yogurt from a trike during summer holidays.

Ky and Owain were born in Tenby, Wales in 1982, where they attended Greenhill Secondary School together. During the summer holiday of 1998 they began to sell frozen yogurt from a trike they bought using their savings. The recipe for the frozen yogurt was fairly simple at that time – just fresh fruit mixed in with natural yogurt, frozen into old ice-cream tubs and then scooped out into paper cups. The current secret recipe doesn’t deviate much from this list of ingredients, it is still made with pure frozen yogurt but with over 10 years of product development, they have developed a unique production process that makes an incredibly creamy and delicious product that is fat-free, 100% natural and which is all yogurt.

The first summer was a huge success, so much so that the boys had enough money to invest in a 2nd trike for the following year. Both trikes were as busy as ever, which annoyed a small percentage of other local traders who would sometimes make violent threats. Undeterred, they worked all summer. This turned out to be another hugely successful year.
By the end of year four Ky and Owain were keen to expand again, partly because they wanted to involve all of their friends in the business. So they applied for the lease of Saundersfoot beach which would include ice-cream vans, a bouncy castle, deck chair & sunbed hire and a food van. The two trikes would be in neighboring Tenby as usual. Everything was staffed by friends of the boys, some of the staff still help out today.

A healthy amount of money had come in from the summer on the beach in 2006, so Ky and Owain were ready for the big move – from Tenby to Brighton, and to open up the UK’s first frozen yogurt store. When it came to getting things off the ground in Brighton, the same friends chipped in with their efforts. Matt suggested ‘Lick’ as a name, Joby helped with the site and handled the graphic design work, Simon and Marcus from FreshWest designed and built the shop interior… but of course Ky and Owain were at the centre pulling the strings and making the frozen yogurt. They wanted the shop to be a place friends could hang out. They also wanted other people to use the space for events such as live music sessions, art exhibitions and as a location for filming.

Whilst the shop was settling in to Brighton’s famous North Laines, Ky and Owain had began to work on the next step in their plan. They wanted to sell their delicious yet healthy frozen yogurt to retailers, in tubs – for people to take home and keep in their freezers. This required further development of the frozen yogurt recipe so that it could be carried home by consumers and remain creamy when re-frozen – this turned out to be a real challenge. The shop was to become the flag-ship to promote the brand and to keep money coming in to pay for the development of the retail product.

Thinking this stage wouldn’t take too long, they bought a bottle of Cava to keep on standby for when they’d finally nailed the recipe. Unfortunately for the boys, the bottle of bubbly sat in the fridge unopened for 2 years whilst countless attempts at the tub recipe failed to hit perfection. Finally in 2010 they were satisfied that they had created the most delicious, creamy frozen yogurt in the world and they were happy to put the Lick name on it. They began stocking their favourite stores in Brighton and very quickly they were selling everything they could make in the small factory under the shop.

In order to fulfill the growing demand, Lick had to borrow the use of a dairy, with Ky overseeing every stage to make sure the frozen yogurt was perfect. Lick tubs went on sale nation wide, at places such as Ocado, Holiday Inn, WholeFoods, Picture House Cinemas, Coop-Regional, 8 out of 10 of London’s best delis, and 100’s of schools and universities. Lick’s involvement in music and art in Brighton saw them selected as an official ‘Cool Brand’ by the Cool Brand expert council, which included people such as Rob Da Bank and Sadie Frost.

In September 2013, Ky and Owain decided to close the shop in order to concentrate on the retail tubs. News that Sainsbury’s were going to stock Lick from mid-October was enough to assure them that there was no way they could split their time between the shop and everything else. Instead of keeping the shop open using a full-time manager, they wanted to end the shop on a high, and so threw a huge closing party. Over 5000 people turned up to get their last Lick, and were entertained in the queue by live bands and DJ’s. It went down in fro-yo history as the biggest ever turn out for frozen yogurt.


WAREHOUSE: Lick is now based in the Lick Warehouse, in central Brighton. Aside from running the business, the Warehouse hosts all of Lick’s other projects including Lick Music sessions (on the stage) and Lick School talks (in the school area). The tie dye t-shirts in the Lick Apparel range are also made in here. Part of the Warehouse is donated to artists for three month long artist residencies, who spend time working on some projects in order to exhibit them at the end of the three months. There is also a froyo development room where new Licks are made and tasted.

In the UK, Lick is currently stocked in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco Express, Ocado, Wholefoods, Picturehouse Cinemas, Cineworld, Southern Co-Operative, Facebook HQ’s and more. Internationally, Lick have distribution in Ireland, Finland (various stockists, including Hard Rock Cafe), Sweden (Netto supermarkets), the UAE (Spinneys, LuLu’s), South Korea, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal.

Lick is still the only frozen yogurt in the world which is made from 100% yogurt. There are 5 staff at Lick (Ky & Owain – co founders, Thomas – Head of Creative, Alexandra – International Sales, Mary – Arts & PR). Lick’s marketing, PR and sales is all in-house.

Lick. x

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Health Bites: "If you're on a health kick and still looking for something sweet, try Lick frozen yogurt."

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"Best for weight-watchers"

"Great for summer and deliciously fat-free."

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"The perfect summery treat"

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"The Best frozen yogurt for healthy eaters."

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"We love Lick because it's guilt free but doesn't taste it."

The Daily Express
'Super Scoops' taste test - "While many frozen yogurts contain ice-cream, Lick is the only one of the market made from 100% yogurt".

The Telegraph
Included in the '6 best' frozen yogurts after a national taste test.

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Rated as the best brand of frozen yogurt in their national taste test.

Yoga Magazine

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'The Super Scoop' - While all other frozen yogurts contain ice-cream, Lick is the only one on the market made from 100% yogurt.

Tastier than ice-cream

The Times
It's like ice cream evolution.

WINNER of the 'Creative Roundup' award, as voted by the public. (For our shop closing window message)

"How to make the perfect frozen yogurt." (A feature).

"When we're bored of eating fruit, we tend to eat Lick frozen yogurt. Or cake. But if we're not eating fruit of cake we'd almost certainly be eating Lick."

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Marketing and PR Excellence (a feature)

"The best frozen yogurt... a very important producer."

Chosen as number one frozen yogurt shop in the UK, 2013

John Torode & Gregg Wallace (Masterchef), 2013
"Believe it or not, Lick is the only frozen yogurt in the world which is made from 100% yogurt. Thumbs up."

"Lick frozen yogurt is really exceptionally good. Unlike some others, it really tastes of yogurt (rather than artificially sweetened vague creaminess) – and that, surely, is the point of frozen yogurt. Exceptionally delicious... Yum."

"Lick has a real story behind it, very smart people, beautiful design and a killer product. I'm jealous."

Dan Rodriguez, Grocery Buyer, Whole Foods Market, 2013
“Lick made a vibrant new trend. Their fun branding and uncompromising approach will take them far. Slurp”

The Cooperative, 2013
"As part of the The Southern Co-operative commitment to support the local economy by stocking and promoting locally produced foods, Lick Frozen Yoghurt launched in our Western Rd, Hove store in April 2012. From there it extended into more Sussex stores and subsequently into Hampshire. We now sell through the yoghurt in 15 of our Local Flavours sites. Owain and Ky have been nothing but helpful at every single turn and have engaged in some imaginative colleague involvement having made an amazing video of their trip round our stores one fine summers day. This type of involvement goes a long way towards increasing brand awareness in our stores and thus out into our customer base."

"An imaginative product from an imaginative team who have the imagination to go far!!"

Elle, 2012
Gave us the quote, "Elle models J'adore Lick Frozen Yogurt"

Women’s Institute, 2012
"Lick Frozen Yogurt is as tasty as our cakes and healthy too!"

"Lick sets sights on national distribution..." (A feature)

Monocle Radio, 2012
“Lick are on the cutting edge of deserts.”

Sunday Times, 2009
"Brighton's most likely to succeed brand" and saying our frozen yogurt was "like ice cream evolution"

"The predecessor in 2008 of London litany of fro-yo outlets (Frae, Snog, Yog, Yuforia and even sushi-specialists Itsu), Lick lives up the old adage of: 'the original and still the best'."