Video: ETSY & The Bloggers


Here’s a video of the ETSY event we hosted recently. This is the Brighton ETSY team and a load of famous bloggers. The ETSY team did some making and the bloggers did some blogging. We did some filming and editing.

The music is by one of our favourite bands – Octopuses.

If you want to read more about this day, click on the following links. (SO many blogs happened as a result of this blogger day)

Bloggers Blogs:

Carrie’s blog 1, and blog 2
Kristabel’s blog and video
Hannah’s blog and video
Olivia’s blog
Dunya’s blog
Kate’s blog

Makers Blogs:

Brighton Etsy Team’s blog
Designosaur blog
Oh Someday’s blog
Georgie St Clair’s blog
Hello DODO’s blog


Lick. x

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