The Lick Warehouse

A bunch of you might have noticed a few photos of our new place flying about on-line. It’s a warehouse, and we call it the Lick Warehouse – don’t ask us why. Here’s our friend Amy preparing a few Lick tie dye T-shirts. This is just one thing we do in the Warehouse, though. Maybe bullet points is best… here goes:

  • Lick Stage – we built a stage for bands. Wanna play on the stage? Get in touch. We installed a PA so you can be as loud as you like. 
  • Lick School – You can see some of it on the photo above. We built a school in the Warehouse so people can come and educate us about various interesting things. These talks will be filmed and put on our site.
  • Yogurt Room – we’re always experimenting with different ingredients for Lick tubs, and the Yogurt Room is where we do it.
  • Lick Studio – Next to the stage is a recording studio, where we records the bands who do Lick Music sessions, and who release music on our Lick Music record label.
  • Art Studio – we have a space which we donate to artists. We offer one month residency to anyone who A) asks and B) we like. There’s a waiting list so contact us now if you want to get involved.
  • Yoga class – we have someone come in and take a yoga class two times a week. Anyone can come along and join in, it’s free.
  • Desks – Yes, we also have to do normal work.

Photos and videos of all the above will be on Facebook soon. We’ve still not finished some of the Warehouse yet, but it’s looking really, really good. Lick. x

Lick School
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