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If you’re looking for something fresh and you want to keep it simple, we know the best place to go. Simply Fresh.

We’ve awarded their Simply Fresh E2 store our Stockist of the Month prize for having a really really good shop. We go there from time to time and always end up buying something. Even if it’s just an apple. You know?

We asked store owner Mehmet Guzel a few questions, and when he replied he attached this photo of him and his dandy little dog.

Lick. x


Simply Fresh seem to be doing a number of things right, but what would you say is the one thing that sets you apart from other grocery stores?

We love to source local products and support independent suppliers. From our craft beers to our bread from The Little Bread Pedlar we seek out products that come from our local community. We also listen to our customers – if they want something we get it for them and that interaction is key.


Do you all have a Xmas party? What’s it like and what happened last year? 

We choose a different location each year for our Christmas party, last year it was a bowling alley and the year before a karaoke bar. It normally involves copious amounts of mince pies, dad-dancing and more than one or regretful tequila shot!


What made you decide to stock Lick tubs at your store?

We absolutely LOVE Lick yogurt here at Simply Fresh E2. We decided to stock them after spotting after trying them at our local cinema and deciding we needed more of the banana and honey flavour in our lives! We now stock them and our lives are full of delicious Lick frozen yogurt.


If you had 40 seconds to run around a Simply Fresh store and grab stuff which you could take home for free, what would you go for first, second and third?

Firstly I would run to the deli counter and pick up a massive pot of olives, then I would high tail it to the drinks cabinet and pick up a cold bottle of craft beer, grab some Nom Nom Chocolate and lastly I’d pick up some Lily’s Kitchen organic treats for my little miniature dachshund Penny!

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