Lick is in Tahiti


There is a load of Lick sailing to Tahiti RIGHT NOW. Literally NOW.

Our soft serve frozen yogurt is going to be in the Easy Market stores there from 2017. So, if you’re living in Tahiti, or going to visit Tahiti, or just like to keep mental notes about food service in Tahiti, then remember to remember about Lick in Tahiti in Jan 2017. Simples.

OK. Tahiti Wiki factoidThe average temperature ranges between 21 and 31 °C (70 and 88 °F) with little seasonal variation. The lowest and highest temperatures recorded in Papeete are 16 and 34 °C (61 and 93 °F), respectively.

Now, that’s a stable climate. Rare these days.

Let us know if you want to stock Lick in Tahiti.

Lick. x

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