Introducing: Elderflower & Strawberries Lick

This was the most popular guest flavour in our shop – so we developed it some more, and now our new Elderflower & Strawberries Lick tubs are available to buy around the UK.

Yogurt and elderflower are incredible combined, giving a fresh, floral, complex flavour. We then stir in strawberry sauce (made from whole pureed Strawberries) as the yogurt is poured into tubs.

For some reason plants that naturally grow next to each other often taste good together. This is true for tomatoes and basil but especially for strawberries and elderflower. This is the original taste of English summers.

This is a big deal for us, and we’re excited to hear what people think – so please email us once you’ve had a try. Oh, and thanks to our old school friend Wross for foraging the wild elderflower for us.

Lick. x


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