Bee pun facebook competition already buzzing


We went to Caught by the River Festival recently, mainly to see Chris Packham talk to Lauren Laverne. There were some good bands too (Ryley Walker, Super Furry Animals, Low, Gwenno, Be (literally bees are in the band), Beth Orton and loads more)) and an awesome garden and talks and workshops. It was v v v good.

Anyway, Friends of the Earth were dressed up as bees. They do loads of work for the conservation of bees. Bees numbers are in decline and that means stuff isn’t getting pollinated. The consequences of this are so bad that someone could write a Hollywood blockbuster end of the world film about it and it would all be completely realistic.

We’re going to announce something in a few weeks which we hope will go some way in helping this cause, by raising awareness. But, in the meantime here’s a Facebook competition. Best bee pun / joke / fact wins a Lick jumper. GO!


Lick. x

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