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The Lick Story

Whilst still in school, Owain Williams and I (Ky Wright), sold our home-made frozen yogurt from a trike during summer holidays. We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the recipe and we now make the best frozen yogurt in the world.

Owain on the left, Ky on the right. Aged 14.

We met in school, aged 11. One day we made our own frozen yogurt at home and wondered why it wasn’t on sale anywhere. At first we just froze shop-bought natural yogurt with fresh fruit. Then we began making our own yogurt to improve the taste and texture.

Ky and Owain’s first day on the trike. Aged 17.

This was our first day on the trike. Sales started off slow but within a week we had loads of regulars who came back every day.

Owain, with our second trike
We saved up our profits from the first summer and bought a second trike the next year.
Owain serving from the ice cream van.
Eventually we saved up enough to buy an old Range Rover, which we converted into an ice cream van so that we could sell our frozen yogurt on the beach.
Our friend Ru watching the bouncy castle after a day on the fishing boats (left), Ky inside the bouncy castle (right)

We then took over the whole beach. We had deck chairs, a bouncy castle, a food van, the ice-cream van, and the 2 trikes. This meant we were able to work with loads of our friends – many of whom still help with Lick today.

Cleaning out sand from inside the bouncy castle was no joke – this was a dangerous job with a high risk of practical jokes.

Owain and Ky outside their new shop (left), Lick Music Session (right)

Knowing that Brighton would be the perfect place to open the UK’s first frozen yogurt store, we decided it was time to leave Tenby. We were lucky enough to find somewhere in Brighton’s famous North Laines. Just after we opened up we started to invite bands in to play intimate in-store music sessions. Since 2008 we’ve had names such as Charlotte Church and Frightened Rabbit play in our shop.

Word of mouth spreads about Lick

Incredible frozen yogurt, really friendly staff and loads of in-store music events, art installations and pop-up cinema screenings meant that Lick quickly developed a large and loyal following.

The first Lick tubs

We had developed the Lick Tubs in the small factory under our shop, and started to sell them in local deli’s and shops, using feedback from our customer’s to improve the recipe. The old trike was used to deliver Lick around Brighton so we could keep our carbon footprint small.


Take a walk with Rosie through Brighton’s famous North Laines, hang out with Owain and the Lick staff in the busy store and then take a peek downstairs, where I’m making some Lick Tubs in the secret fro-yo factory under the shop.


Lick tubs finally launched nationwide – winning a Great Taste Gold Award and getting stocked in our favourite stores within just 6 months. Production moved from the factory under the shop into the only carbon neutral dairy in the UK. We were still hosting live music sessions in the shop, and in 2012 Frightened RabbitMaps & Atlases and Female Band all played for us. Our retail tubs became available all over the UK, in the best deli’s, health-food stores, independent cinemas, schools, universities and loads of other interesting venues . Other notable keywords from 2012: Deckchairs, Photo-wall, Theme-SongJuice-ballsRosie Curran / art exhibitions, Brighton Fashion week, FatCat RecordsCompetitions & Winners.


We went into Ocado in April, and Sainsbury’s Local stores in October. We started a record label called Lick Music. The Lick fan-club ‘Special Gang‘  launched and has over 300 members. We appeared as experts on the CBBC program Trade Your Way To The USA. Lick came first in Independent consumer panel testing carried out by The Cardiff Metropolitan Food Industry Center. We were the youngest ever brand to be selected as a Cool BrandJohn Torode (Masterchef) became a fan and reviewed our tubs.

2013 – Shop Closing

We close the shop to concentrate on retail, and over 5000 people turn up for the last ever day. We launch our shop memory page shortly after.

Two weeks after the shop closes, Lick tubs go into hundreds of Sainsbury’s Local stores all over the UK.

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